Find help & information on Lavandula multifida Egyptian lavender from the RHS. Lavandula multifida is native to the northwestern region of the Mediterranean Sea, where temperatures are mild and growing conditions arid. It is technically a . Lavandula multifida. Lavandula multifida. Common Name: Fernleaf Lavender. Growth Rate: Fast. Exposure: Full sun. Water Needs.

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Grasping the plant at the top of the root ball, use your finger to lightly rake the roots apart. The true species Lavandula multifida is a smaller plant with coarser foliage and blue flowers.

The flowers of lavanvula lavender are not recommended for human consumption. Excellent cut or dried flower. To dry flowers, cut before fully open and hang upside down in a cool, airy place.

Foliage can be pruned freely through the multifidaa to remove damaged or discolored leaves, or to maintain plant size. Flowers primarily in summer when plants are grown as annuals. Rotate the container and continue to tap, loosening the soil until the plant pulls smoothly from the pot. New plantings should be watered daily for a couple of weeks multifid get them well established. Pruning stimulates tender new growth that will damage easily when the first frosts arrive. This is a versatile garden perennial that should be considered for a wide variety of uses and mltifida just relegated to a corner of the herb garden.

Availability depends on season. Southern Europe, northern Africa.

Plan ahead, for plants that get tall and require mulrifida or support cages. No Main Synonyms Full list of synonyms: Deep watering encourages roots to grow further lavanduula the ground resulting in a sturdier plant with more drought tolerance. Seeds of wild plants for sale for studies, trials, research, or personal use.


Full sun to part shade. Incorporate fertilizer into the soil when preparing beds for new plants. Flowers bloom throughout the year in warm winter locations. To remove the plant from the container, gently brace the base of the plant, tip it sideways and tap the outside of the pot to loosen. Locations in Malta or Gozo where you have seen this plant. Clay soils hold moisture longer than sandy multifiad, so expect to water more frequently in sandy settings.

Lavandula multifida – Plant Finder

Submit further info on this species. Some plants prefer staying on the dry side, others, like to be consistently moist. This stimulates healthy new growth, encourages future blooming, and provides new plants to expand the garden or share with gardening friends. Buy images found in this large collection of Maltese flora. Many nurseries call this plant Lavandula pinnata but multifidw grow a true species of L.

Species name :

Try to be as concise as possible. Organic ingredients improve drainage, add nutrients, and encourage earthworms and other organisms that help keep soil healthy.

Lavandula ‘Multifida’ California Lavender – This is an open lavaneula foot tall evergreen shrub with gray-green leaves that are deeply lobed. It looks like a perennial but is technically a sub-shrub because it will develop woody stems over time where it is winter hardy. Fertilizing Instructions Incorporate fertilizer into the soil when preparing beds for new plants.

The flowering plumes and foliage of ornamental grasses create a beautiful feature in the winter landscape. Cool, moist conditions often lead to root rot and stem rot. Watering Instructions New plantings should be watered daily for a couple of weeks.

Winter hardy to USDA Zones where it is typically grown in average, alkaline, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. If the garden area is large, and a sprinkler is necessary, try to water in the morning so that plant foliage has time to dry through the day. It is native to the warm climates of the northwestern Mediterranean plus the Canary Islands. Lamiaceae Labiatae Mints Origin: Give plants an extra boost by adding a granulated starter fertilizer or all-purpose feed that encourages blooming for example fertilizers labeled To buy images please take not of the image code specific for every image found beneath each individual photo since this is required when filling the online ordering form.


Wonderful for providing contrast in mixed borders and containers. Vigorous, sprawling lavamdula with finely divided, silvery green foliage. Depending on the flowering habit, snip off faded blooms individually, or wait until the blooming period is over and remove entire flower stalk down to the base of the plant.

To check for soil moisture, use your finger or a small trowel to dig in and examine the soil. Full sun and well-drained soils are especially important. Full Sun Summer Dry: Your email address is only for internal communication. The flowers may be used in cooking. Problems Susceptible to leaf spot and root rot. Deep purple blue flowers and gray-green leaves lavanduoa ornamental color and contrast to the perennial border front, rock multiflda, cottage garden, herb garden or scented garden.

Firm the soil down around the plant by hand, tamping with the flat side of a small trowel, or even by pressing down on the soil by foot. Please answer these simple questions: A soaker hose is a great investment for keeping plants healthy and reducing water lost through evaporation.

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