KX-TGFX Cordless Telephone pdf manual download. Programming PIN to language changes as follows (KX-TG series: page 3). Download or view product documentation, drivers or software by selecting product category and model number below or alternatively enter the model (a. On this page you can get: Mobile phone PANASONIC KX-TG manual – is available for free download. All information such as file size, preview picture.

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To access the features, there are 2 methods. R Both the monitored and monitoring handsets must select the same base unit in order to use the baby monitor feature To select the personal phonebook page R Unplug the product from power outlets if it emits smoke, an abnormal smell, or makes an unusual noise.

M N 7 8 Erasing an entry Schedule alarm entries are not erased automatically after the schedule alarm sounds. R This unit supports SMS messages of up to middle soft key a characters, however, the maximum To access the public mailbox Set the PBX system to receive the correct date information.

Adjust the receiver or speaker volume while talking. Call share You can join an existing outside call. Use only the supplied telephone line cord. During a power failure The unit will not work during a power failure. Failure to follow these instructions may cause the batteries to swell or explode.

This feature allows you to receive calls while you are already talking on the phone. R Do not place a handset on the base unit with the headset jack cover opened. After the selected amount of time passes, the handset rings. If it becomes difficult to hear, turn this feature off. Select the character entry mode.


PANASONIC KX-TGFX Operating Instructions Manual (Page 36 of 64)

Using the speakerphone 1 2 Manua the phone number and press M N. Enter the new 4-digit base unit PIN. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. Ensure that the AC outlet is installed near the product and is easily accessible.

Please access our online customer survey:. SMS message centre numbers must be — When a call is received, the unit does not ring while the caller is being identified.

PANASONIC KX-TG8561E Operating Instructions Manual

R Activating one touch eco mode reduces the range of the base unit in standby mode. Hook n Base unit To power outlet Press plug firmly. To turn this feature on, see page Select the desired category. R If there is no entry corresponding to the kx-tg8561be you selected, the next entry is displayed.

R Confirm correct polarities. If you need to dial the line access number “0” when making outside calls with a PBX: R Do not open or mutilate the batteries.

Selecting categories to bypass night mode 1 2 middle soft key Select your desired categories by pressing 1 to 9. R Do not place or use this product near automatically controlled devices such as automatic doors and fire alarms. R Set the date and time beforehand page Select the mahual item from the greeting message message list. Allows you to edit phone numbers. Please keep these operating instructions with your receipt. Editing entries 1 2 3 4 Find the desired entry page Selects entries, categories, or handsets.


To stop recording, press.

M N 6 7 8 9 10 11 Categories Categories can help you find entries in the phonebook quickly and kx-tg8561eeb. Display the menu tree and direct command code table Main menu: Before initial use, see “Getting Started” on page For replacement, we recommend using the Panasonic rechargeable batteries noted on page 4, 7.

PANASONIC KX-TG8551FX Operating Instructions Manual Page 36

R Coverage and voice quality depends on the local environmental conditions. A total of 5 manul alarm times can be programmed for each handset. Please read these operating instructions before using the unit and save them for future reference.

I cannot send or receive R You have not subscribed to the appropriate service. Turns the key lock feature off. R The battery level may not be displayed correctly after you replace the batteries. R The entries will be automatically copied to the personal phonebook on the operated handset.

Base unit You can also set the unit to play a greeting Press M The electrolyte is toxic and may be harmful if swallowed. To turn this feature off, select “Manual”. N at all other times. Enter the desired date and month.