Title: The Indolence of the Filipino Author: Jose Rizal Release Date: November, [EBook #] [Yes, we are more than one year ahead of schedule] [This. La Indolencia de los Filipinos, more popularly known in its English version, “The Indolence of the Filipinos,” is a exploratory essay written by Philippine national. Summary: Rizal admits that laziness does be among the Filipinos. but it can non be attributed to the problems and retardation of the state.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Summary of Dr. The lack of national sentiment brings another evil, moreover, which is the absence of all opposition to measures prejudicial to the people and the absence of any initiative in whatever may redound to its good. To my impression the bitter conclusions and resentment of Rizal toward those more than years have either barely reached the present consciousness of Filipinos, or when it did, they let the bygones be bygones.

What can I do to contribute to this dream as a Filipino-American outside of the Philippines? The trade with China, which was the whole occupation of the colonizers of the Philippines, was not only prejudicial to Spain but also to the life of her colonies; in fact, when the officials and private persons at Manila found an easy method of getting rich they neglected everything.

It is well to balance Salazar’s account with those of others A “tributary” was generally reckoned as five persons, one “tribute” being required for each adult male.

Chaos has been widespread. They are taught to be inferior. Even before the Spaniards arrived, Rizal argues, the early Filipinos were already carrying out trade within provinces and with other neighboring countries; they were also engaged in agriculture and mining; some natives even spoke Spanish.

Tan June dilipino, at 8: In this connection, government and governed have to bow our heads and say: How is it strange, then, indoolence discouragement may have been infused into the spirit of the inhabitants of the Philippines, when in the midst of so many calamities they did not know whether they would see sprout the seed they were planting, whether their field was going to be their grave or their crop would go to feed their executioner? According to Rizal, all the causes of indolence can be reduced to two factors.


indolenec Glad I’ve found this. Please note neither this listing nor its contents are final til midnight of the last day of the month of any such announcement. Thus is explained how the natives of the present time are no longer the same as those of the time of the discovery, neither morally nor physically. Trade has declined, furthermore, because of pirate attacks and the many restrictions imposed by the government, which gives no aid for crops and farmers. The same applies to indolence.

Just as some colonial Spaniards seemed to the Filipinos less creditable representatives of the metropolis than the average of those who remained in the Peninsula, so not all who now pass for Americans in the Philippines are believed here to measure up to the highest homestandard.

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos?

This and the maltreatment suffered under encomenderos have caused many to abandon the Fieldss. And yet they live and eat better, they work for themselves to get rich, with the hope of a future, free and respected, while the poor colonist, the indolent colonist, is badly nourished, has no hope, toils for others, and works under force and compulsion!

But we must not take the exception for the general rule, and should rather seek the good of our country by stating what we believe to be true. It matters little to him that the risal is impoverished, without cultivation, without commerce, without, industry, just so the governor is quickly enriched!

Third, Spain did not protect the people against foreign invaders and pirates. Filipinos cannot be compared to Europeans, who live in rizl countries and who must exert much more effort at work. Information about Project Gutenberg one page We produce about two million dollars for each hour we work. Another thing bg we might add that had caused this indolence, is the lack ot unity among the Filipino people.


The Indolence of the Filipino by José Rizal

Carolyn rated it liked it Jul 29, It is an old one, perhaps centuries old. Is it the delectable civilization, the religion of salvation of the friars, called of Jesus Christ by a euphemism, that has produced this miracle, that has atrophied his brain, paralyzed his heart and made of the man this sort of vicious animal that the writers depict?

We have filed in all 50 states now, but these are the only ones that have responded. What does it inspire me to do? Project Gutenberg if a TradeMark and may not be used in any sales of Project Gutenberg eBooks or other materials be they hardware or software or any other related product without express permission.

Now it falls to us to analyze those that emanate from the people. It’s never an intention of mine to plagiarize any works, It was actually the summary I was after.

We say the same about gambling: The history of the Philippines is full of references to Chinese who came here for the reasons assigned by Rizal. If pinoys are really indolent, that cannot be justified and filipiino should not blame others for that but only ourselves as indolence is not genetics based.

The Indolence of the Filipino

The reasons for this said indolence indolemce clearly stated in the essay, and were not based only on presumptions, but were grounded on fact taken from history. Rizal ends by inquiring what so would hold caused Filipinos to bury their yesteryear. Anonymous March 21, at 2: Sep 07, William Baker rated it it was amazing. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Filipinos can non be compared to Europeans. Rizal was also a lover, loved Leonor Rivera, who was his cousin, but idolence that