Bio: John Betjeman () was named poet laureate in , and is known for his nostalgic writings on contemporary topics. On a pillar in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey is a memorial to Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate and broadcaster. Sir John Betjeman’s centenary will be marked with a wreathlaying ceremony at his memorial in Poets’ Corner on Monday.

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Lord, put beneath Thy special care One-eighty-nine Cadogan Square. Though he was buried at the church of St Enodoc near his Cornish home at Trebetherick in Maya memorial to him was unveiled in the Abbey’s Poets’ Corner in November At Highgate school he was taught by T.

Notice the last line of the first verse, ‘Listen to a lady’s cry’. She uses the Imperative voice even in prayer and reassures God that if he ends up bombing innocent Westminstre women: So, Lord, reserve for me a crown, And do not let btejeman shares go down.

In the Eternal Safety Zone. Help our lads to win the war. The intention of the poet is to ridicule attitudes that he finds disgraceful, in an exuberant and entertaining way, so that jn are not taught a worthy sermon but rather enjoy a rather boisterous joke at qestminster expense of the narrator. Think of what our Nation stands for, Books from Boots’ and country lanes, Free speech, free passes, class distinction, Democracy and proper drains. The memorial was unveiled by Lady Wilson on 11th November Tone Being a dramatic monologue the tone is dominated by the speaking voice of the well-off lady.


The fourth line in which she condescends to pardon God if he should make a mistake shows how devoid of actual piety she is, since it is God who jogn pardons sinners, not the reverse. WriterPoet and Novelist. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dean and Chapter of Westminster https: She also reveals an obsession with money.

Tuesday, November 11, One is almost inclined to read this poem in the Received Pronunciation that would have been commonly heard on the BCC in years gone by. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Sir John Betjeman

Where the bones of leading statesmen. Haleigh – I think that I agree with you. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here While the speaker, a rich English woman she’s wearing gloves and has a luncheon datemay seem to be doing the right thing in the context by praying to God for her own well-being and the well-being of others somewhatit quickly becomes apparent that she is really giving no thought to the prayer at all, and that her selfishness and ignorance are what should qestminster noticed here.

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Theme The poem is a dramatic monologue — a poem in which the poet creates a character who speaks for the entire poem to an audience who does not respond. She is desperately praying to God to save her and her country, but cannot take any more time out of her day to pray or to thank God for being kind and merciful and generous, but must move on to something better waiting kohn her.

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Talk about the vox humana!

In Westminster Abbey – Poem by John Betjeman

The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope In he married Penelope Chetwode and their children were Paul and Candida. Now I feel a little better, What a treat to hear Thy Word, Where the bones of leading statesmen Have so often been interr’d.

Stanza 3 is rich in Imperial imagery conjured up by exotic place names, rarely visited in the s by English ladies. In this stanza the Speaker lists the things which make living in the United Kingdom so attractive to her.

Gracious Lord, oh bomb the Germans. I seems like she is concerned about everyone in the world, but she’s more focused on herself.

In Westminster Abbey- Revision Notes – Revision For NI

Posted by Jonathan Lapshan at 2: I will labour for Thy Kingdom, Help our lads to win the war. I guessed from reading that the women was close to Betjemen and lived in London and basically wanted peace for mainly wextminster people and others. Now I feel a little better, What a treat to hear Thy word, hich is very ironical as she did all of the speaking and there is no indication of any listening!

So, Lord, reserve for me a crown, And do not let my shares go down. Each verse rhymes abcbdd.