In this funny and inspiring hip-hop-flava’d sequel to The Hoopster, Theresa Anderson takes on one of the baddest monsters of high school — the SAT. Hip-hop High School (Hoopster) by Alan Lawrence Sitomer – book cover, description, publication history. Find great deals for Hip-Hop High School by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (, Hardcover). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The theme hihh prominent in this book is that of perseverance and will to succeed in the world against all odds. Well she hangs out with Cee-saw the most.

She now has to work as hard as she even has for her last achool years to get a GPA above 3 to get into the college she wants, USC. Sitomer is a nationally renowned keynote speaker who specializes in engaging underperforming students.

While the story could be unbearably heavy handed at times, there were a few amusing gems sprinkled throughout that managed to combine what we learn in school with what we learn in the real world, “Do people even know that one cannot ‘hate on’ another person without being in violation of about thirty-six rules of grammar?

Tee finishes the application before sifomer to late and sends schoool the the applications out. Hign 30, Tyler Swasey rated it it was amazing. There are many reason why I like this book. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There are so many things about this book that I think yo This book was really interesting for me to read.

And Cee saw threw up in the back of the car. A few months ago, one of my students told me that “it was good” and I didn’t push her to go into depth on that stirring review. On her way through that she has problems.

Hip-Hop High School by Alan Sitomer

So a couple hours later there at the party and Constancy is getting drunk and Theresa sees The book is about a girl named Theresa Anderson. But with the example of her super-achieving older brother towering above her, Theresa hasn’t even been trying. Hip-High School is the perfect book for reluctant high school readers.


In fact, when several of them saw me reading it, they immediately commented lawrencd how much they liked it. The fact that she dident means she had no other choice but to drop out of highschool and not get an education. And towards the middle of the story things got even more interesting to were Devon had got shot in the neck.

They are so important because a lot of things rely on them. It started off pretty cheesy and the urban “teen lingo” was clearly not written by a teen, but I like what this author is going for–getting young people to read and care about education.

Hip-Hop High School by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (2006, Hardcover)

This article about a young adult novel of the s is a stub. The book has had some strengths hlp it which made it interesting.

Her having boyfriends and never finding the right one. I love this book just thinking that something could have been done for it as you can see. This author must be a fantastic teacher. She’s kind of bratty, not very focused, and I didn’t quite understand her growth as a character.

Hip-hop High School

Hardcover in Hiip condition They are not actual photos of the physical item for sale and should not be relied upon as a basis for edition or condition. The book is about a girl named Theresa Anderson. Along the way she watches one friend, Cee-Saw, become pregnant and drop out, and another almost lose sight of sitoker goals due to family obligations. I think this was an amazing book with a decent ending. I also think sitmer dialogue sometimes reads true and other times reads like a teacher trying to make it read true Jan 30, Anna rated it it was ok Shelves: Cee Saw her hlp friend gets pregnant and she has to drop out Theresa and her best friend Cee Saw go through their sophmore year with ups and downs.

I was slightly irritated with two things, however: The conflict in this book is how Theresa Anderson is going the pass the SAT and she talks about it throughout the book and how she is going to get accepted to USC.

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This book tought me alot of different SAT words. Devon and Thresa were study buddies to get a good score on their SAT. The author wrote an amazing book. The author seems to have a clear and firm grasp of the world he’s chosen to write about and he dos not belittle or victimize his characters, nor make them simply angry.

HIP-HOP HIGH SCHOOL by Alan Lawrence Sitomer | Kirkus Reviews

Dec 09, Amadou rated it it was amazing. Xitomer are so many things about this book that I think you all would love. In the head i talk a normal kind alah englishbut when i chat with my friends or any of my peers i rap to them in this kind of ghetto slag. And towards the end things were even more stressful. Which made the reader more engage with the book and the narrator thoughts.

First, I liked that the Noah Kleckner Mrs. I mean, I understood it, I just didn’t buy into it. Apr 18, Ms. I really identified with Tee-Ay. This echoes the lack of options students are being taught that they have, there is a medium to the two extremes when it comes to careers. Characters change motivations and personalities to fit the story not with any sense of developmen I want to love these books Which have put them into a lot of bad situations like getting a ze The book “Hip-Hop High School” is about how a girl name Theresa Anderson goes through problems in an urban school.

But when the violence of the street catches up to Devon, Theresa is left with two piles of unfinished college applicationsher own and Devs.