John Frawley – The Real Astrology OCR – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical.

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All waste products and refuse. First I must locate my daughter 5th house and then take the 10th house from that. The technical principles for judging charts astrolovy for such questions as these are in essence simplicity itself. This is necessary for those readers who are familiar with his work. We notice another planet involved in the action, and see that it rules the 9th house.

Saturn scores 4 for its exaltation, 3 for being triplicity ruler fralwey 2 for being term ruler: Zainab rated it it was amazing Feb 13, More often, though, we are reading aspects as showing future or occasion- ally past events, in which case they can be relevant at any degree of separation.

Full text of “Books on Alchemy and Magic”

The rulers of the 1st and 7th houses are our main players. Saturn Cold and dry; diurnal ; 12 masculine. When will the repair man arrive? If the ioth shows the king, the nth might show astrokogy prime minister or the grand vizier; if the ioth shows the prime minister, the nth would show his cabinet.


John Frawley (astrologer)

A planet at 6 Scorpio is not besieged bodily, but it casts its trine aspect between Venus and Jupiter: It is the question that determines the reality of the chart. For this, however, both artist and frawleg must always be aware that all is subject to the Will of God. Instantly is perhaps an exaggeration, but in his day the Seventeenth Century the norm was for an astrological consultation lasting some fifteen or astroology minutes.

The sign it is about to enter would then show the next job.

The Real Astrology

Aaron H rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Marko frawely it it was amazing Oct 24, If the Moon signifies the quesited, the quesited has prior claim on its services and the querent must do without it as cosignificator. He defends “Real” that is, traditional, or Renaissance, or Christian astrology. In this situation, the ideal would be for my planet to be in a sign ruled by her planet, while hers falls in a sign ruled by mine: Rewl t 5 TIS?

The outer planets do not rule signs and they do not have any particular associ- ations with any of the signs.

Each of these charts had Neptune on the cusp of either the 7th house the buyer or the 8th the 2nd from the 7th: Besiegement If a significator is placed between two malefic planets it is besieged. These planets are our main players, the actors of the leading roles in the drama.


In many degrees there are two or even three planets which have equal claim to being almuten. It shows the thighs and knees.

We might make do with planets that do not indicate any interest in each other, but do show a shared interest in something else, as evinced by their both being in parts of the zodiac ruled by a third planet: Imagine the chart is a cake. I urge feal to use this for horary.

Skyscript: Horary Astrology by John Frawley (extract from THE REAL ASTROLOGY)

In the traditional cosmos, there is nothing random; there is no pure chance. I have found that it is with judgements like this, where I have felt that I am stepping onto a bridge of gossamer, that my work has been most applauded by clients, for the successful clarification of issues too tangled to resolve in any other way.

The Signs 40 6. Let us work through this table from left to right. The chart as we usually approach it, with the 1st house showing the querent, is called the radical chart.

Expensive software is not required.