PDF | This article develops the affirmative biopolitics that Roberto Esposito intimates in his trilogy – Communitas, Immunitas and Bíos. The key to this affirmative. Roberto Esposito | Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane . If communitas is what links its members together in a reciprocal commitment to donate, immunitas, on the. Biopolitics: From Supplement to Immanence: In Dialogue with Roberto Esposito’s Trilogy: Communitas, Immunitas, Bíos; A. Kiarina Kordela · Cultural Critique.

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I believe not only that it is possible but also that it is necessary. As it is well known, one of the immunltas risks of our actual societies lies exactly in an excessive demand of protection, which in some cases tends to produce an impression of peril, whether real or imaginary, whose only finality is to enable more powerful means of preventive defence.

May the horse live in me Marion Laval-Jeantet. Subjects Series Authors Blog Dsposito.

Starting from this reflection on the nature of immunization, Esposito offers a wide-ranging analysis of contemporary biopolitics. But when this happens, it is not originated by an external cause, rather it is an effect of the immunitarian mechanism itself, intensified to a degree no longer bearable.

Aldama, chela sandoval, and peter j. But the relationship between biopolitics on one side, and the oppositional dialectic community-immunity esplsito the other side, is something even more intrinsic —in the sense that it regards the meaning, otherwise elusive, of all the dynamics of various natures related to the biopolitical paradigm.

First because the contemporary dispositifse. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. An absolute must read immuhitas anyone interested in thinking the future of life and politics in a biopolitical age. Starting from this reflection on the nature of immunization, Esposito offers a wide-ranging analysis of contemporary biopolitics.

Enter Your Email Immnitas Where are its symptoms immunutas be found? In the very moment in which the immunitarian dispositif [ dispositivo ] becomes the syndrome, at the same time defensive and offensive, of our time, community presents itself as the assigned place, that is the real and symbolic form, of the resistance to the excess of immunization which endlessly captures us.

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Roberto Esposito – Wikipedia

The more we feel at risk of being infiltrated and infected by foreign elements, the more the life of the immunitae and society closes off within its protective boundaries, forcing us to choose between a self-destructive outcome and a more radical alternative based on a new conception of community.


This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. With the invention of the State, that is to say the biggest political dispositifmodernity had already tended to exclude the common good, that is that of everybody, or at least to progressively reduce it imunitas favour of a dialectic between private and public, gradually destined to occupy the whole social scene. Kiarina Kordela bio English-speaking readers are now fortunate to have access to all three of Roberto Esposito’s books— Communitas: This dynamic of appropriation was joined, in modernity, by that of making public the goods assigned to the control and usufruct of the State organisms.

On the basis of this self-contradictory espositi of community and immunity, Esposito grants absolute primacy to immunity over any other explanatory category regarding modern politics, arguing:. Sovereignty effectively proved to be the first and fundamental immunitarian dispositif together with the categories, preventively immunized, of property and liberty. This is the reduction of life to its bare biological matter.

Roberto Esposito

He is editor of the ‘Teoria e Oggetti’ series published by Liguori and also acts as a philosophy consultant for publishers Einaudi. Neoliberalism and Global Theatres: From here derives that double bind inherent in the immunitarian immunitss [ dinamiche immunitarie ] —already typical of modernity, and today more and more esosito to all the spheres of individual and collective experience, real or imaginary.

From Supplement to Immanence: Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

A preventive discrimination among dispositifs of prohibition, dispositifs of control and dispositifs of subjugation, should be done before producing their deactivation, or simply before being captured by them.

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Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life

The original function of law, even before it was codified, was to preserve peaceful cohabitation between people who were exposed to the risk of destructive conflict. Starting from which presuppositions? From the health sphere to that of biotechnologies, from the ethnic question to the environmental one, the only source of political legitimacy nowadays appears to be that of preservation and implementation of life. This means that in order to escape the clutches of death, life is forced to incorporate within itself the lethal principle.

In this way the discourse on community has kept oscillating between a political declination but with a regressive result —that is that of the small homelands of land and blood— and another modality theoretically fecund but politically untranslatable. Africa and Middle East. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.


The law itself arose in Rome as private law, destined to ratify in a juridically codified shape the originary appropriation of things, and even of certain human beings reduced to the status of things, by those who by esposit proclaimed themselves as the owners. The Protection and Negation of Life. immhnitas

Book Detail | Polity

When the phenomenon of immunity inscribes itself at the crossroads between law and biology, between medical procedure and juridical protection, it is also evident that the politics determined by such a phenomenon, in the shape of action or reaction, will be in a direct relationship with biological life.

In this work across the board, which is possible only through a new alliance between national and international policies, between political parties and movements, and between individual and collective subjects, a first point of espossito, that would not simply be theoretical, can be found exactly in the dialectic between community and immunity I have previously mentioned.

A similar dynamic is also recognizable in the political body, when the barriers that protect against the outside cause a greater risk than the one they are made to avoid. Never more than at present has the demand for immunization come to characterize all aspects of our existence. In this work, Esposito offers the reader a stunning genealogy of the category of immunization, one no longer thought merely espowito the immunitss sciences, but across a series of disciplines, including law, political theology, philosophical anthropology, and biopolitics, all culminating in the the model of imminitas transplant for imagining an immunization that might lead to ‘the immune common.

Performance and Permutations Edited by Lara D. In my opinion, the very idea of community is itself the key to avoid any impolitical drift of the concept and safeguard its political pregnancy, but only on the condition of going back through its history, to the Latin etymology of communitas and, before that, to the term from which this one derives, that is that of munus. But imkunitas is difficult for another, more fundamental, reason.

See Roberto Esposito, Immunitas. What has to be taken is a step forward, in order to conceive in a completely different way the link between constraints and needs, between the expansion of financial market and the protection of the social, cultural and generational weakest layer.