The Curious Sofa is a classic book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary (an anagram). The book is a “pornographic illustrated. The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary [Ogdred Weary] on The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey Hardcover $ Curious. 2 graphic a porno- work by. Ogdred. Weary. Page 2. TME. CURIOUS SOFA. Ogared Weary by. Harcourt Brace & Company. New York San Diego.

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You couldn’t portray the Downton Abbey servants’ lives accurately without turning the Crawley’s into monsters and villains.

Remarkable: Edward Gorey’s The Curious Sofa

I had to revise my rating upon further review. On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars. I always liked those Tipper Gore labels that turn up now and again on CD cases: The year in swag Refresh and try again. Read, free and legally, edwagd comic book in which a villain’s name is inspired by my own Doctor Klock Matt Fraction’s Casanova 8.

View all 3 comments. What is interesting is how the story leads you to its weird conclusion. Those are all books from his most fruitful style of the late s and highly recommended reading. It was so hilariously, deliciously demented.

Oct 16, Sri rated it liked it Shelves: I had read it as part of a larger collection of his work, and for some reason it is being re-released. Newer Post Older Post Home.


The Curious Sofa

Out With The Old The book is full of ambigous references to exotic sex acts, but nothing is ever explicitly shown or described. It is in no way pornographic, or even “erotica,” though sexual acts are referred to throughout hilariously–if hilarious for you might include a droll Victorian tone and cadence; for instance, “Alice was eating grapes in ssofa park, when Herbert, an extremely well-endowed young man, introduced himself to her. Edwardian figures with beards and lots of fur coats.

However nothing is revealed or shown in the drawings. A Trout In The Milk. Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution. About Me Geoff Klock. And what I enjoyed the most about this short tale, maybe too short, was the meaning of every plot twist was left to the reader’s imagination; in wich mine was nothing but a dreadful acknowledgement about and this might be just my filthy and warped mind the approaching curoius of Sir Egbert’s party.

Down on the farm. One of the confusing things about TCS is that every copy torey the first edition has a limitation statement printed on a fake colophon page gogey that “this copy is no.

Maybe if I had actually read Story of O this would be funnier. There weren’t rememberable characters, the jokes didn’t always land, the variety of stories didn’t flow great together, and I found nothing remotely erotic about the book. It’s not exactly “Lance Goodthrust. I did, on every single page! His father was briefly a journalist.


The Curious Sofa by Edward Gorey

Every image has a caption, and almost every caption suggests something sexual without going into any detail — at all. But the word Weary doesn’t seem quite right for an author of ucrious. Lah tidak ada gambar yang porno: The Pioneer of the Pole. This is a deliciously demented read. Dec 24, David Schaafsma rated it it was amazing Shelves: I saw this at the bookstore this week and picked it up.

DJ Earworm – Music Mashups. Regular Guest Bloggers Jason Powell has taken on the yeoman’s job of doing an issue by issue analysis of Chris Claremont’s 17 year Uncanny X-Men run in an effort to make me feel bad for saying Morrison invented all kinds of things ccurious did not in his New X-Men run, and for spelling Claremont “Clairmont” in my superhero book.

Posted by Geoff Klock at 4: Edward Gorey’s work never sucks.