How can the US, Europe and indeed the rest of the world respond to the emerging giant? James Kynge, author of the recently published China. In China Shakes the World, the former China bureau chief of the Financial Times, James Kynge, traces these tremors from Beijing to Europe to the Midwest as. The new China, the nation that in 25 years has changed beyond all recognition is becoming an industrial powerhouse for the world. James Kynge shows not.

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China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation

I tend to agree with your general point. Kynge’s style is very fluid and easy to read and after only a few pages you are unable to stop reading.

This will have a global impact. Choose your FT trial. This was a wake-up call: The picture Kynge gives of China is too of a vast polluted, corrupthungry nation in which there are no legal bars to any kind of activity.

I sh Really, really, really great, lively book with lots of engaging anecdotes and real-life examples to make all his points fun to read. This book didn’t have a happy ending if you know what I meansome political books I’ve read explore the issues, but finish saying how things may be turned around, but this book tended not to do that. To write about China is to understand an incredibly complex country and its people.

World Show more World links. Workers being paid at pre-industrial revolution levels are operating 21st century equipment and using first world infrastructure. Overall, Kynge’s crisp assessment of the dynamics involved is both authoritative and eye-opening. But if the pace of liberalization was too fast, the rapid growth that resulted could spill over into disorder. One story about a girl whose life is for all intents and purposes stolen from her by a corrupt official who stole her identity so his daughter could get into a good university will bring tears to your eyes.

China is a typical industrial country which became a noticeable global player by becoming a factory for the rest of the world. Feb 23, Richard Burger rated it it was amazing.

I loved the whole book, but a part at the end reminded me of living in Russia where I usually told people that I was from a neutral country like Canada because people had too strong a sentiment towards Americans usually it was a weird mix of love and hate.


Product details Paperback Publisher: This type of thing, to me, smacks of too much money chasing too few accurately priced opportunities.

What makes this book special is its approach to the subject, focusing on the effect of China’s rise on other countries and other peoples. The problem, argues Kynge is that China has awoken, has arrived at the point of nearly emerging wold a global power. What grounds do you see for optimism that this will pay off? What are your thoughts?

China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America

I could have foregone all those previous books and just read this concise, insightful, and brilliant book. But I think these merely facilitate a power that wells up from a source, and that source — of both successes and failures — can be traced back to demographics; from enormous market size, leading to firms jostling to enter, the immense amount of talent, the cheap human resources with an extremely hungry labor force willing to work for peanuts, the willingness to cheat to get ahead, etc.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. And he demonstrates the profound consequences of those weaknesses for American manufacturers, oil companies, banks, and ordinary consumers. Kynge, the Financial Times ‘s former Beijing bureau chief, makes the voracious “appetites” of the new China his constant concern, as he uncovers the sources of and limitations on the giant country’s epochal growth.

The strange thing about James Kynge’s book, is that it neatly chimes with many of my observations and feeling about about China’s rise. The personal narratives and company histories make the bigger picture more understandable and interesting.

Be the first to ask a question about China Shakes the World. Although China is already a palpable force in the world, its re-emergence is only just starting to be felt. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation by James Kynge

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Many of the issues raised in the last chapter, including Taiwan and Darfur, could have received even more coverage–but don’t let that stop you from reading the b This book offers an excellent introduction to present-day China.

Companies Show more Companies links. Whether the reader is optimistic or pessimistic, in either case it is a troubled future, as the subtitle says, that awaits. Kynge argues however that this may be unnecessary, the reason being that though China commands a massive manufacturing and industrial base and an even larger population, in its search to feed, employ and clothe and care for its innumerable citizenry it has wedded itself to the global community and market in such a way that to negatively affect said market would prove disastrous to itself and others.


Restrictions on emissions were lax, so companies had to pay relatively little to keep the environment clean.

On the eve of the British industrial revolution some years ago, China accounted for one third of the global economy. Awesome read, but definitely plays a little into the fears that Americans have of China.

Hilariously, it brought me from being a student of the former, to that of both. A good journalist who thinks about his subject and tries to go beyond the surface, but he is not an academic or, at least upon the evidence of this book, a deep thinker.

Do you believe China can make a transition from industrialism to post-industrialism given that there is a huge chasm between being a global leader for conventional manufacturing and producing post-industrial products?

The problem lies in the mismatch between geology and geopolitics. Want to Read saving…. Kynge tries to in the “best” — cough, cough — tradition of modern journalism balance it with a more optimistic interaction with the same woman a month later, but I got the impression that not even he really believed the balance.

On the one hand, reading this has fostered my sympathy towards Chinese workers — a minimum wage job at McDonalds is a pretty sweet deal compared to what those guys have to put up with on an hour-a-dayday-a-week basis.

This is a cursory look at the current state of China, it’s relationship to the rest of the world, and the problems and opportunities provided by it’s emergence. You put your finger on an issue that will help define the way the world works. It doesn’t provide a deep understanding of what is currently going on, but give many details of what is going on at the surface of it, and how it can be perceived.

But what strikes me is how poor in certain ways the great Chinese expansion is.

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