ASTM D Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish- Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine. Jan 5, The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum . ASTM D is the basis of the testing of floor “waxes” (floor. Oct 31, ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc. was authorized to test the following samples of metal floor panels for static coefficient of friction (SCOF).

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It is a laboratory machine that tests flooring samples and due to its design is not usable on an actual floor. Currently, there is only one computerized version in production and four versions of the machine have been created since However, the three slip test devices listed above allow the user ample capability for prevention and analysis of slip and fall accidents in almost any situation.

The tribometer has no motors, springs or anything else that may fail when testing wstm, making it the preferred testing method for ASTM The meter has three adtm which are Neolite for standard slippage testing purposes.

The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard. The HPS measures both static and kinetic coefficient of friction. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Direct questions and comments to contactus andersonmaterials. Optical microscopy and SEM are available to better examine and document the topography or roughness characteristics of a surface.

Testing the Safety of Polished Floors | ASTM Standardization News

Dry slip resistance is not an indicator of wet slip resistance — in fact they often vary inversely — so valid wet slip resistance testing is often needed. The HPS is compromised of a large pad and 50 pounds of weight that is hand pulled across tiles to measure slip resistance. Which one is the right test for your application? View interactively in English Spanish Chinese. SlipAlert left is a roller-coaster type tribometer that asfm designed to mimic the readings of the modern pendulum.

The conformance criteria of this test method may be valid for other surfaces and surface coatings tested by this test method, but this has not been substantiated by correlation with experiential data. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


The Brungraber Mark is commonly used for measure slip resistance on ramps, in both the laboratory and the field. The English XL Tribometer mimics the human stepping motion and allows for synchronized application of vertical and horizontal forces. Static Coefficient Friction is between non-moving surfaces; it can prevent an object or person from sliding d047 a gradient surface. They found that if a polish produced a value of 0.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in | Safety Direct America

In many cases, material surfaces have different local compositions than do the interior of the materials and it is the surface composition, along with d22047 surface topography, which plays the critical role d204 determining the SCOF. Of course for other applications in which the friction under slippage is important, such as machine operation or manufacturing processes, the dynamic coefficient of friction is a vital parameter and may be the more important practical parameter.

Leather is not suitable for wet slip testing, as its properties change unpredictably and permanently when it becomes wet. Despite the fact that the ADA never truly endorsed this test method, a great deal of confusion has resulted and misinformation abounds amongst flooring and construction professionals about this poor test method.

This is the static coefficient of friction SCOF.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. It is a static slip tester essentially a portable version of the James Machine — see below and because it suffers from a stiction problem it is not useful for wet testing.

These features help establish courtroom credibility. AME is able to investigate these asmt properties in detail so that insight is gained into the reasons that given wstm combinations have the friction properties they have and so that improvements in those properties may be achieved.

It is the most widely used pedestrian slip resistance test method worldwide. No one of these slip resistance testers is capable of doing all the tasks that might be needed. The American Slip Meter ASM and A are also static friction testers, and therefore not suitable for asm testing to assess pedestrian safety.

The experiential data was collected by an independent accounting firm for the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association.

The Brungraber Mark uses an angle that is set to a certain degree and a 10 pound weight is released. The colored UV coating is filled with complex silicates, calcium sulfate, and carbonate fine particles which provide a shorter-range roughness for this walking surface.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in 2018

With more than a half-century of consistently predictable and accurate testing results behind it, the ASTM D standard continues to be the go-to standard for the floor polish industry, including their manufacturers, material suppliers and all users of floor polish.


Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments.

Kinetic friction is between moving surfaces; it measures the friction between two surfaces moving against each other such as a book being pushed across asgm table or a sled being dragged across the ground. We do not recommend its use. The British Pendulum is used in both laboratory tests and tests completed in the field.

It is presently made asfm the USA by a single manufacturer. Its findings were published in Many other parties benefit financially from these accidents or sale of the slippery flooring that often causes them: Different slip resistance test methods give different results, particularly under wet conditions.

This test is often conducted and interpreted by people who have a vested interest in their tribometer having passed the test, and it should not be solely relied upon in deciding whether a slip tester is trustworthy in predicting human traction.

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurements

The actual cause of the slip and fall might be footwear, substance abuse, illness, or many other factors unrelated to the floor. Here you can find a Tortus video demonstration. The HPS is no longer commercially available. ASTM Standards and Tests for Coefficient of Friction Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments. ASTM Committee D21 Marks 50th Anniversary of Standard D Whether in an office building or on a basketball court, the safety asym a polished floor s2047 crucial to those walking, running or playing on it.

Measurements can be made in accordance with the following standards, except that the contact area and the applied weight may differ: There are several reasons: General E2047 Administration, the world’s largest purchaser of polishes in the late s. Both hard and soft rubbers are specified for the pendulum, with soft rubber being applied primarily to barefoot situations such as showers, bathroom floors, and swimming pool decks.

The OSHA recommendation is therefore meaningless, but has caused asstm for many years. Walkway materials which are occasionally wet or normally wet are to have a wet surface SCOF greater than or equal to 0.