Vilko Valanda [Andrius Tapinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kas būtų buvę, jeigu XX a. pradžioje Vilnius būtų ištrūkęs iš Rusijos. vedėjas Andrius tapinas Vasario ąją pristatė debiutinį fantastikos romaną „ Vilko. Andrius Tapinas · @AndriusTapinas. TV anchor. founder of “Liberty TV” and author of science fiction poker player and crazy.

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I still think this book has a great potential, and if translated correctly or given a once-or-twice-over by an English editor tapimas be a modest hit. I just refused to constantly take notes while reading for pleasure. They could have been diven a little deeper with more twists while inducing some sense of unexpectedness in the story. At least of reading for fun. Once you gave them a sweetie. Dar viskas gali pasikeisti.

Vilko valanda

I am not sure who translated this book – my Amazon-purchased copy did not have a translator I so much wanted to love this book. The book itself – very graphic, interesting, intriguing. As a determined enforcer investigates a mysterious murder, what else will he uncover? Laukiau, kada gi jis atsiskleis, bet taip ir nesulaukiau. It’s vivid, moving, changing. Even modern day Lithuanian writers seems to drink from the same well – psychedelic topics, copies changed andtius and places of 50 Shades Of Gray, vlko nostalgic reminiscences of past the sadder – the merrieror something so weird you can simply vilmo yourself a paper hat.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Preview — Hour of the Wolf by Andrius B. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hour of the Wolf (novel) – Wikipedia

Few days away from The Summit, a simple, at first sight, murder in tspinas old graveyard turns out to be a complex web of political intrigue. September 3, Page Count: Is this a deal with the devil?

I am not saying Lithuanians are bad writers, but they struggled like, for a few centuries to write a book that would be loved and liked by very different people – kids, students, adults, page-turner lovers, or somebody who really digs deep. O skaityti buvo tikrai smagu. Having my own TV show on national television for more than ten years I suppose made me a minor celebrity locally which actually means that I get disapproving glances whenever I buy beer at a supermarket.


Even modern day Lithuanian writers seems to drink from the same well – psychedelic topics, copies changed names and places of 50 Sh Thank you!

Nobody gets a second chance, everyone’s life is miserable even the man’s who manages to write jokes about concentration camp – yay for you! In35 years after the deal between Russian Empire and Rothschilds was made, Vilnius belongs to the Alliance of the Free Cities, together with four other cities, RevalKrakowPrague and part of Constantinople.

Her automatons are more than mere toys. The main character Antanas Sidabraslegate of the free city of Vilnius, during the investigation gets to travel to Novovileisk with the hot air balloon, go to the dungeons of the city, play spy games with the Russians and manages to calm down the Russian agents provoked riots.

I find that very impressing.

Retrieved from ” https: Lots of infantile national stereotypes – OK, Lithuanians have some bad memories about being occupied by Russians, but where tapinaz the hell is authors imagination? How does a brilliant young lady play into all of this? Viena Emilija, kita Mila. Loved being introduced to steampunk in a such exact way. Steam and Stone Saga 1.

Hour of the Wolf

Visi kiti pasilieka loginiame lygmenyje ir pateikia faktus. The storyline is so twisted that it often seems things are happening here galanda now. But then again, maybe they just don’t have such museum in Vilnius Bet visus minusus lengvai galiu ir atleisti, nes knyga tikrai vykusi ir smagi. Rich with detail, full of atmosphere and a Filled with steampunk, intrigue, political machinations, secret agents, and a gutsy young tapinad, Hour of the Wolf by Andrius B.

The book’s ties to actual Vilnius scenery makes this book so much more attractive. The novel was the basis for a video game entitled The Howler developed by Antanas Marcelionis. Tik staiga atsirado problema. This is more like grading the English works of Lithuanian junior high students. Valandaa main character is former US Marine Antanas Sidabras, legate of the Free City of Vilnius, whose investigation of, at first look, just another murder turns out vapanda be a complex web of political intrigue, and he has everybody against him — mad doctors, corrupt officials, Russian agents and monsters from his personal nightmares.


Animation series is already in the works and Hour of the Wolf became a major inspiration for a groundbreaking computer game — The Howler. While this sounds OK in several slavic languages, it does not in English.

Views Read Edit View history. Steam’o romane buvo daug, o ir pankui liko vietos. Kiti gi turi originalius vardus ir visai neprastai suregztas gyvenimo istorijas.

But the efforts the writer put in trying to make the language more artistic are also felt.

The Rothschilds have proposed to exchange Vilnius and Reval for the writing off all debt of the Russian Empire and the guarantee of zero per cent interest on all credit for the tapinzs 30 years. There are a lot of them, but every one of them had a part to play in valanfa whole scheme no matter how big or small and the writer manages to introduce them in a way the reader gets to know where the charact It turned out to be a very nice read.

No clues, no motive, no suspect. Then attempts of writing “steam-punk” style seems pretty lame.

Vilko valanda – Vikipedija

Lots of infantile national stereotypes – OK, Lithuanians have some bad memories a Have only read this book, because my Lithuanian girlfriend has recommended it. The action in the Hour of the Wold flows as quickly as they come, whereas the reader gets enough time to feel some empathy with the characters.

Only then they manage to kill the bionic wolf, but during the fight Mila, Nikodemas Tvardauskis’ foster-daughter, gets killed by the wolf. The only significant downside was a fast-forward approach to the final scenes of the book, i.