Corola cerrada. Ni un rayo de luna. Filtrado me haya. Ni una margarita. Se diga mi hermana. Tú me quieres nívea, Tú me quieres blanca, Tú me quieres alba. TU ME QUIERES BLANCA por Alfonsina Storni. Tú me quieres alba,. Me quieres de espumas,. Me quieres de nácar. Que sea azucena. Sobre todas, casta. Translation of ‘Tú me quieres blanca’ by Alfonsina Storni (Alfonsina Storni Martignoni) from Spanish to English.

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Much of this translation was a group effort with help from Melissa Gioia and Laura Hakala. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Get a free blog at WordPress. You who were in the feast, Who were covered with leaves, Who destroyed the flesh To celebrate Bacchus. Ni una margarita Se diga mi hermana. I miss snapping at you. February 18, at 8: Flee to quierew woods, go to the mountain, wipe your mouth, live in the cabins, touch the wet earth with your hands.

And when your body Has returned to you, When it’s become entangled In the bedroom of your soul, Only then, good man, Can you expect me to be pale, Expect me to be snow, Expect me to be untouched. And when your flesh Returns to you, And when you have put In it the soul, Which in the bedroom Was left tangled, Then, good man, Expect me white, Expect me snow, Expect me chaste. Next a walk, then Chin… twitter.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I miss feeling suffocated. I grew cold and distant from my mother, my situation, and myself. You expect me to be Chaste? You are commenting using your WordPress. I miss throwing my arm over you. Not touched even by a moonbeam; Not rivaled even by a daisy; You expect me to be niveous, You expect me to be white, You expect me to be dawn. You have been in the gardens, Black with deception, Wearing red and Running into ruin.

January 27, at 3: And do only women lose their honor? I miss having to climb over you to turn my alarm clock off.

Storni, Alfonsina: You want me white (Tú me quieres blanca in English)

How much of this really works and how much is just made up? This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thank you very much. Run away to the forest Leave for the mountains; Clean your mouth; Live in the shacks; Touch with your hands The wet earth; Feed your body With bitter root; Drink from the rocks, Sleep on the frost; Renew your flesh With salt and water; Speak with the birds And get up with dawn.


Women, Culture, and Politics in Latin America

Well, my restless night proved me wrong. You who had all The drinks at hand, With lips stained From fruits and honey. Corola cerrada Ni un rayo de luna Filtrado me haya.

She has to know. You have been in the banquet Laced with grapevines, Relinquishing your meat, Reveling in Bacchus. Alfonsina Storni May 29, — October 25, was one of the most important Argentine and Queres poets of the modernist period Wikipedia.

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