v9 Assembly > Reports. Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3. ActiveReports Developer 7 > ActiveReports Developer Guide > How To > Page Report How To > Export a Page Report (Rendering Extension). ActiveReports Developer 7 > ActiveReports Developer Guide > Concepts With the PDF export filter, you can use .

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Exporting a report to JPEG image format using ActiveReports | My Blog

By using our site, you acknowledge that you activerwports read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. ActiveReports is a reporting framework for Visual Studio programmers designed and marketed by GrapeCity. It offers three different types of reports: Questions tagged [activereports] Ask Question.

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I thought that maybe I’d get some sort of response here at SO. Aaron Palmer 5, 7 43 Language encoding problem with DataDynamics. PdfExport reference I have an encoding problem with DataDynamics. It exports my report successfully but without using encoding.

So, every char in other language than English At some point, the object I activereporrs a plain old poco started serializing complete Programmatically Insert Page Break in ActiveReports I’ve been scouring the web for a good example, but cannot figure out how to add a page break to an ActiveReports report programmatically. The reports I’m working with usually require pages for Kevin Babcock 6, 16 61 Denis 5, 9 56 NET’s license compiler LC.

EXE seems to ignore the contents of licenses. I’ve set up a very simple. The ActiveReports component uses the licenses How to create a report using c with Active Reports? I have never created any report in VS, now i am facing problem in adding reference to my project. Can any one tell me the basics of Report Generation and How to add reference to our project?

Report handler architecture question I am attempting to have a ReportHandler service to handle report creation. Reports edport have multiple, differing number of parameters that could be set.

In the system currently there are several Easiest way to pass parameters to ActiveReports report from. I know about the code that goes into actviereports ReportStart event, but how does one pass the values of the parameters to the LordHits 4, 3 34 Multi-Colum SectionReport, is this possible? I’m trying to get a SectionReport to have more than one column. The report activereporrts very long and there is plenty of space on activereprots right side of the list see upload How can I do that in Visual Studio 13 C Adding achivereports new property to a control which opens a new form?


We have a report designer project which uses Active Reports. We want to use SubReport tool of the Activerreports Reports. Subreport control has a “report” property which fills the ActiveReport content of the I have this list separated into areas and I need to count the total number of rows per area section.

ActiveReports / ActiveReports v7+ Forum

I have a groupHeader which contains my area It’s been building fine for like forever in VSand built fine until I made some modifications to a project that pulls in a third-party library in Is Data Dynamics Reports appropriate for my needs? If you’ve used it, I’d love to hear your take on: Beep beep 13k 12 52 Mehdi Dastyari 11 1 4. Using different versions of the same assembly I have a project where I simultaneously must use reports built in ActiveReports 2 and ActiveReports 6.

Overall, it works ok, but some of the helper assemblies use the same name. For instance, to be How to access the controls of an Active Reports Data Dynamics The company I work for uses the Active Reports from DataDynamics to generate their reports and they asked me if I could do a web viewer of the reports where you could move the fields around. Hugo Trudel 2 How do you export an report while using ActiveReports I’m using Active Reports within my VB program to generate a report based on my data.

Right now I have the report opening fine and it is allowing the user to print, copy, find, etc. I am unsure how to Kyra 4, 5 28 My concept so far is to have a dropdown of export types and a submit button that submits that ActiveReports 7 throws invalid handle exception printing from Windows Service I have and application that is running as a windows service on Server When I run it as an application and send a print job, the print job gets processed sucessfully.

However, if I send the print Grouping for Active Reports I have a active report and I need to group it on my country attribute. I have been looking around on the active reports API and came across grouping. Is this the best way to do this and how do I go The content is stored as raw HTML mark-ups. Now I need to take that content and inject it into a printable format. Rob Fleming 16 3. Going into the designer and clicking the data source, the Report Data Source dialog screen Once I try to print with the.


Using ActiveReports pro 2: How to work with Subreport? I have a lagacy project vb6 which has several reports. When user executes the. How to resize the design section of an ActiveReports Designer control? I’m developing an application by C that has a part that enables the final user to design his self report. It has an option to design automatically ActiveReports controls from a passed data source The version was labeled as. I have an ASP. NET project in VS which has 2.

Export Method (PdfExport)

Activereports PageReport creation by using custom data I wanna create a page report based on my custom class and my PageReport contains a table inside. RobinAtTech 11 I have implemented globalization for English and Hindi font.

I use two operating systems: Windows 7 and Windows Server Amit Kumar 3 15 Active Reports – How can I go to a specifc page in the Viewer? I’m using Active Reports 6 and display the report in our application in the Viewer control not printed.

I need a way to determine the current page the user is showing, and I also need a way to How to improve performance of active report in c Below is my C code to display a report using Active Reports. Sunil Naudiyal Controlling page breaks when printing to duplex printer I’m using the new fixed page layout report in active reports 7, with a fixed cover page and a variable number of overflow pages.

When it’s printed the user can select a number of these reports to Kevin O’Donovan 1, 1 9 I have a legacy VB6 application which I am maintaining. I am using ActiveReports control to print reports from this app. Muhammad Sharjeel Ahsan 3 8 When I print an RTF text which attribute: But the report does The “cangrow” and “multiline” properties are both set to “true”.

When I run the report on my machine, the report prints out fine How do I get. So with credit to this guy here activereporhs my Seth Spearman 3, 13 53 How can I add page numbers to the bottom of each page in a report using ActiveReports3?